Our Brands

  • The Brand WALSER

    Individuality thrives on personal style - with WALSER

    We all are special. We also want to show and experience. Just where we often are: in the car.

    On this knowledge the product range of Walser is based. The high-quality accessories customize the car interior entirely to the liking of people who spend some money in they car and style.

    Out from the crowd

    Walser's products fit into almost any car. They increase the well-being, the comfort and road wear to the pleasant atmosphere and for safe travel.

    Up with the standard

    Walser stands for high quality, robust and well designed products for practical solutions and innovations, and for a wide range for every taste and need.

    Out into the market

    The concept of selling points contributes significantly to the sales success of Walser accessories.

    • The attractive packaging stand out clearly.
    • The individual product lines can be combined like building blocks.
    • Each product line is clearly positioned over an image and a color that makes the consumer orientation easy.
    • The brand image of Walser holds the product lines.
  • The Clix airbag system of Walser


    ... the seatcover, which is saving lifes

    With the development of the Clix-airbag system Walser is one of the first manufacturers in Europe with car seat covers on the marketthe advance sooner or later the EU-wide uniform standards in terms of traffic safety and quality. The TÜV tested Walser seat covers with tear seam already provide that the airbag seam opens at the moment in which a side airbag should deploy its life-saving function.


    More Information about the Walser Clix-Airbag-System

    clix airbag

  • WALSER Aerotex


    ...Aerotex, the breathing seat cover

    Decisive for the physical well-being while driving is the optimal climate inside the vehicle. Stress and high summer temperatures often leave unpleasant consequences - increased sweatingThe patented solution of Walser Aerotex providesthanks to the use of new technologies in the development of breathable microfiber fabrics withfor optimum heat dissipation. The result: less sweating through a patented venting system and better concentration while driving.

    aerotex autositzbezug
  • WALSER Tailormade



    walser tailormade

  • Dropped rapidly, much realized. With CarComfort.

    Speed counts. Also in the market for accessories. New markets and preferences are developing fast.

    If you want success, you must respond in a flash - this is CarComfort.

    The brand with the trendy accessories for the quick sale and strong sales boost.

    Campaign, and away you go!

    CarComfort stands for promotional products which guarantee a fast and successful sales promotions. The price-performance ratio is exceptionally advantageous. The end customers quickly notice that.

    Please something different!

    Customer needs and trends determine the development of new CarComfort products. Many clever details make the surprise which often triggers the purchase. The efficient production provides attractive prices with a comparatively high standard of quality.

    Quite thrilling!

    CarComfort action items presented in consumer-friendly down on the most attractive packaging. The promotional effect increases impulse purchases and provides for successful operations.

    Look here - grab it!

    The Walser action displays can be used flexibly. They reinforce the idea of action at the customer and have marketing appeal. Many positive results have confirmed this repeatedly.

    Rapid sales, faster sales!

    The brand CarComfort stands for rapid turnover by good prices, relatively high quality, optimum packaging solutions and great displays.