• Walser Quality Service

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    Quality is not half-baked

    The Walser Quality System stands for the highest standards in product and service quality. Walser uses a specially developed quality management system. Thus, a continuous monitoring ensures the respective production processes - which begins with the selection of raw materials and suppliers, and extends over the entire production process. A large part of the checks carried out by Walser Quality Service on the spot at the site such as Shanghai, China.

    Walser is ISO-certified

    All products from Walser meet the standards of ISO 9001 (quality management). Walser is currently preparing the group in front of other certifications according to the following standards:
    • ISO 14001 confirms the systematic environmentally sound practices in all areas of the company
    • SA 8000 is for socially acceptable working conditions and conditions in all establishments of the company

  • The direct line between the customer and Walser

    With the help of modern information technologies Walser provides Transparency and Security. Due to the Walser-tracking module (online tracking) and document system with electronic data interchange (Electronic Data Interchange - EDI) Walser customers have a constant overview of the status of their shipments.
    A comprehensive service quality is also a world-wide net with our partners and service providers. On the part of the procurement the logistics of the Walsergroup takes care both for the shipment of some in our own factories produced goods from the Far East, as well as the land transport of long-term supply partners across Europe to the house Walser warehouse in Hohenems, maximum and Bremen .

    This ensures that Walser customers always know where their goods are currently and when it arrives at its destination. On subsequent changes we can react quickly and flexibly, so that the service quality is always maintained at a constant high level.


  • Quality is the highest precept at Walser

    Walser Automotive Accessories designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-quality car interiors and accessories to retailers and specialty stores. The Walser Group attaches great importance to production qualityThe entire process is controlled by a specially developed quality management and control. And at all stages of the yarn buying over-spinning, weaving, coloring and printing to packaging, distribution and presentation to the respective sales area in retail.

    The tailor-made product - individually and quickly

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    The expectations of our trading partners are limitless. No matter how specific idea can be implemented to market in the shortest possible time. For this purpose the Walsergroup uses advanced CAD systems that allow realistic 3D simulationsBy using the new CAD software that is connected with the production, Walser in a position to implement new products on the market from concept to development and presentation of sales by about 50% faster than others.