• Our Customers

    Quality, durability and marketability of the products are confirmed by Walser Automotive Accessories from various sides and over again. We are happy to give you appropriate references, including major car manufacturers and major department store chains in America, Europe and Asia.

  • Our references in the automotive industry

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  • The little bit of competitive edge 

    Technological progress is decisive for the success of a company in the international competition. Innovative product solutions at Walser are a response to individual customer needs and the result of precise market analyzes, systematic thinking and working, of course - the vital spark of inspiration.

    Walser Clix-Airbag-System by Walser

    With the development of the Clix-airbag system Walser is one of the first manufacturers in Europe with car seat covers on the market, the advance sooner or later the EU-wide uniform standards in terms of traffic safety and quality. The TÜV tested Walser seat covers with tear seam already provide that the airbag seam opens at the moment in which a side airbag should deploy its life-saving function.

    Aerotex, the breathing seat cover

    Decisive for the physical well-being while driving is the optimal climate inside the vehicle. Stress and high summer temperatures often leave unpleasant consequences - increased sweating. The patented solution of Walser Aerotex provides, thanks to the use of new technologies in the development of breathable microfiber fabrics with, for optimum heat dissipation. The result: less sweating through a patented venting system and better concentration while driving.

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  • Walser approvals and security certificates

    Since 2001, Walser developed in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland and the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, standardized safety systems for optimum safety. The Walser Clix airbag system guarantees per certificate that the side airbag ignites properly and rises the special tear seam in the upholstery. The standard developed by Walser (W1.10/ABE 90 714) is a hallmark of strict safety regulations in production and control of seat covers. If any one performance event, the Generali insurance is liable if the Walser seat cover with this standard card with up to seven million euro per individual case.
    The high quality products from Walser has already won several awards from professional institutions, universities and consumer organizations
    • TÜV Rheinland recommends Walser CLIX system for car seats
    • Ökotex and Texproof certificates of TÜV Rheinland and the Textile Research Institute
    • Recommendation 'A' in tests of the consumer magazine
    • Two-time winner in a car seat cover test one of the largest automotive magazines in England - Auto Express, the car news weekly
    All products from Walser meet the standards of ISO 9001 (quality management). The certification to ISO 14001 (environmental) and SA 8000 (social) are in preparation.

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  • Growth of the WALSER group

    WALSER has grown steadily in recent years and is one of Europe's leading supplier of equipment in comfort and safety.

    From 2001 to date, the Walser Group increased its production volume by a multiple.

    Technical innovations such as the safety-certified CLIX airbag system for car seats with built-in airbags as well as many patents and registered designs provide customers with many advantages.

    Own design and product development teams for help ahead of competitors on a continuous basis.


    Success market leisure and outdoor

    1996 WALSER begins with the development of products for the leisure and outdoor area.

    The range has been continuously expanded, now a wide range of products for the cycling and skiing is available.