World’s largest supplier of car seat covers based in Hohenems

Walser GmbH registers four new patents

Hohenems (A). Walser GmbH, based in Hohenems, delivers around four million car seat covers every year, making it the world’s largest supplier. The company, which is active in the manufacture and distribution of products in the fields of car accessories, safety and comfort, has already registered more than 30 different patents, utility models and trademarks, and now four more patents in the field of car seat covers have been added.

Tradition in Vorarlberg

The Vorarlberg-based company Walser has been manufacturing and distributing products in the fields of car accessories, road safety, sports and leisure for more than 40 years and is the world’s largest supplier of car seat covers. Walser GmbH has registered more than 30 patents, utility models and trademarks in the countries of the European Union, the USA, Canada, China, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. Four new patents have been registered in the field of car seat covers at the end of 2019: “We deliver around four million car seat covers every year, all of which end up in the aftermarket – our main focus is on Europe and the USA. This makes us not only the world market leader as a supplier, but above all a leader in innovation,” explains Hans-Karl Walser, CEO of Walser GmbH, adding: “Every year, we invest one million euros in the initial and further development of new products and markets.”

New patents in the field of car seat covers: Slot, Isofix Fit, Optifit and FSS

Walser GmbH has newly registered the patents “Slot”, “Isofix Fit”, “Optifit” and “FSS”, all of which provide more comfort when mounting car seat covers. “The Slot mounting strip is a sewn-in elastic band that makes it easier to attach the covers. Isofix Fit ensures perfectly fitting outlets of the covers for the installation of child seats. The Optifit headrest covers enable the best possible fit on the headrest and FSS, the Flexible Seat System, guarantees an even more flexible adaptation of a universal seat cover to the car seat,” explains Hans-Karl Walser.

Tested quality

Walser car seat covers are tested for side airbag suitability by independent testing institutes for all common vehicles. “In addition, the tests are extended every year to include the latest vehicle types. Irrespective of countless tests to ensure the quality of the products, we are constantly developing our materials in the direction of durability, resistance and easier handling,” illustrates Hans-Karl Walser. “The analyses and checks carried out are intended to ensure that all products meet the declared specifications and safety standards and provide long-lasting pleasure in the highest quality.”