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TIPP: Clix Airbag Registration

Walser TV Spot Hail Protection

WALSER Car Seat Covers

XTR - Allweathermats

Child Seat NOEMI

Hail Protection

The New Seat Covers

WALSER Car Seat Covers

Zipp-It & Clix

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Lifesaver Side Airbag! Clix & TÜV

Features: Clix Airbag

Features: FSS

Features: Isofix Fit

Features: Zipp-It

Features: Divisible Rear

Features: Slot

Features: Optifit

Features: 360 Degree Protection

Mounting Car Seat Covers CLIX III

Mounting: Highback Car Seats

Mounting: ISOFIX

Mounting: Head-Rests

Mounting: Rearbench

Mounting: Rear BASIC

Mounting: Rear PREMIUM

Mounting: Front Seat with FSS

Mounting: Front Seats

Hail Protection Cover "Perma Protect SUV"

Hail Protection Cover "Premium Hybrid"

Hail Protection Cover "Perma Protect"

"All Weather Light" Car Cover

"All Weather Light" Car Half Cover

Motorcycle Garages

Custom-Fit Trunk Mats

XTR - Custom-Fit Allweathermats

XTR Custom-Fit Trunkliner / Boot Mat

XTR Custom-Fit Rubber Car Mat

Lambskin Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Cover "Soft Nappa"

Pocket Express

2 in 1 Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cushion - Comfortline Luxor

Car Seat Cushion KIMI


LED Ambience Car Carpets

Hail Protection

Motorcycle Covers

Custom-Fit Trunk Mats

Seat Cushion COOL TOUCH

Seat Cushion COOL LUCY

Car Seat Gap Filler AntiDrop


Load Sill Protection

Snuggle - Blanket

Start-Helper "Tracking Mat"

Multifunction Blanket "C16"

Headrest Cloth Hanger

Car Cloth Hanger

Child Seat Pad "Tidy Fred"

Backrest Protector "Blacky"

Backseat Organizer "Lucky Tom"

Trunk Blanket "Cäsar"

Seat Cushion "Ravenna"


Bunge Straps

Child Seat "NOEMI"

Safety Maker Presentation

SafetyMaker Shortclip - Reflecting Jackets

SafetyMaker Shortclip - Headband

SafetyMaker Shortclip - Safety Vests Printed - Kids 3-6 Years

SafetyMaker Shortclip- Reclecting Umbrella

SafetyMaker Shortclip- Reflecting Stickers