Our Principles

We want to maintain cooperative relations with all our business partners. That is why we daily focus on our high-quality standards, which ensure a stable and sustainable business relationship. Together with all our partners, we establish a fair and long-term work base with the aim of organizing daily work professionally. In addition, it is important to us that all partners get to take a part in a successful business transaction and their existence is ensured in the long term.

The customer is always at the center of our actions and we take care on all levels to make the customer happy. At WALSER, we want to be a role model and sustainably improve life along the value chain. The life of people (today and tomorrow) is a responsibility that we, as a company, must take seriously and take great care. This not only applies to prices and conditions but goes far beyond.

The framework for our actions is our code of conduct, which is also part of our contracts. We took over this code of conduct from amfori and set the minimum standards for working and production conditions worldwide. In addition, social and environmental aspects are considered by the code of conduct.



Ethical and regular behavior is one of our core values. Thus, we pay particular attention to compliance internally, but also among our business partners. Corruption and similar offenses are actively pursued and contained at an early stage.



We follow the “zero-defect” principle and seek daily improvements in our processes, products and services to achieve this. We do not accept deviations of agreed quality and expect “first time right” in every process. We see mistakes as a source of innovation and improvement, but only if they are not repeated.


We always deliver at the agreed time. For this we set everything possible in motion and follow our principle “to make the customer happy!”


As part of our membership with amfori BEPI and amfori BSCI, we have been actively committed to environmental and social compliance.


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