Zipp-It – patented mounting system

The patented WALSER Zipp-It system makes it easy to mount seat covers in the car. Integrated zip fasteners at key points of the cover provide open access to all the features of the car seat, such as the side lever, the map compartment or the mounting of the headrests, without cutting the seat cover. Furthermore, the edge finish using opposing zip fasteners is particularly attractive.

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CLIX Airbag

As a manufacturer of car interiors, WALSER has developed a system for seat covers and seat pads that guarantees safety in the car. The WALSER CLIX airbag system guarantees the correct and unobstructed opening and free deployment of the side airbag. This ensures that the life-saving property of the airbag is not restricted by our seat covers under any circumstances. This system is inspected by the TÜV Rheinland Group for each seat cover and seat pad, using a deployment test on the airbag in a secured environment, and on passing the test a seal of approval is issued. Worldwide, WALSER has had the greatest number of tests on car seats.

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Mounting Slot

The mounting strip Slot is the latest patent from WALSER. This is a special tape, sewn-in to the car seat cover, that is essential for simple and easy installation. The tape is very elastic and has small specially prepared openings (or slots) at various key strategic positions. The elasticity of the slots can be perfectly matched to various circumstances and increased if necessary, by connecting several slots together by cutting with a pair of scissors. As a result, all the seat levers, compartments and adjustment options for your car seat are easily accessible through the special mounting strip Slot.

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Flexible Seat System

WALSER is the market leader for the production of car seat covers. For front seats in the car, it is essential that the seat cover stays firmly in position and all levers and buttons are always accessible. The Flexible Seat System from WALSER is a new system now available on the market that meets all the requirements and not only provides accessibility to most seat cover functions, but also significantly increases the fit of the seat element.

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Isofix Fit

If children are travelling in the car, it helps to protect the entire rear seat with a seat cover and keep it free from dirt. In order that the Isofix fastening outlets for the child seat remain ideally accessible, despite the seat cover, we at WALSER have developed the practical Isofix Fit system.

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Optifit headrest cover

Headrests come in different shapes and sizes. The Optifit system has been developed to ensure that our headrest covers have an even better fit. Optifit headrest covers are made of elastic material and apart from an improved cut, they also have a small opening on each side and a hook and loop fastener for better grip inside. The cover is, therefore, flexible and can be ideally adapted to your headrest.

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… the seat cover that breathes.

An optimum climate inside the vehicle is decisive for physical comfort while driving. If the temperatures rise in summer or the car journey is stressful, this leads to higher temperatures in the vehicle and increased sweating. Relief can be provided by the patented solution from WALSER – Aerotex. Thanks to the use of special breathable cover fabrics with microfibre, Aerotex ensures optimal heat dissipation. The result: Less sweat through the patented venting system and better concentration when driving.