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WALSER – Only the best for your car – plays in the Champions League! receives ‘Excellent’ rating. In a consumer study of over 7000 online shops, only 5 companies were awarded the rating ‘Excellent’ in the categories ‘Technical quality and user-friendliness’ – and WALSER is one of them! AUTO BILD and Statista have chosen the leading online shops for cars and motorbikes for the third time in a row, and WALSER has proven to be a top retailer.

This recognition is proof of the commitment and quality that WALSER offers its customers. As a leading online shop for car accessories and motorbike supplies, the company sets standards in terms of customer service and product quality. WALSER is proud to be among the best of the best and will continue to do everything in its power to offer its customers only the best.

Congratulations to our long-serving employees at WALSER Industries China Co., Ltd. on their impressive anniversaries!


Special milestones:

Rain Ma – 20 years

William Wang – 15 years

John Zhao – 15 years

Beryl Xu – 8 years

Jessie Zhang – 7 years


Markus Fleisch, CPO of WALSER, emphasises the importance of long-term partnerships: “The consistency and commitment of our employees are crucial to our success. Their long-term collaboration reflects not only their professionalism, but also their close ties to our corporate culture.” We would like to thank them for their loyalty and commitment and look forward to many more successful years!

We are proud to introduce our new floor mats and trunk liners WALSER Roadmaster.

Exclusive protection for the interior of the vehicle. Markus Fleisch, CPO of WALSER, emphasizes: “Perfect fit, passion, and precision ‘Made in EU’ characterize the new Roadmaster.”

This innovation is not just a vehicle protection but combines refined design, highest quality, and sustainability. Made from durable and odor-neutral TPE material with ISO 4649-tested abrasion resistance, the Roadmaster ensures exceptional longevity. It impresses with impeccable fit through measurement with 3D laser technology. Its innovative design integrates dirt drainage channels that effectively divert moisture and dirt. Stylish and environmentally friendly, the 100% recyclable TPE material contributes to sustainable production. With high rigidity and a rim of up to 4.0 cm, the Roadmaster effectively captures water and dirt. The fastening system is compatible with the original fastenings of common car models.

“A heartfelt thank you to the entire team for the passion and dedication in developing the Roadmaster,” emphasizes Markus Fleisch.

The Roadmaster is now available in our online shop.

An exclusive look behind the scenes of our photo shoot for the new product – WALSER Roadmaster!

We are pleased to give you an exclusive insight into the making of the pictures of our Roadmaster car mats and boot liners.

Autoland Fink (Koblach, Austria) generously provided us with the Audi showroom and an Audi Q5 for our photo shoot. Special thanks are due to Hubert Amann, Audi’s brand manager, who professionally supported us as an expert contact person. His expert knowledge contributed significantly to the success of the project.

Here are some impressions straight from the set! We look forward to presenting more of our new Roadmaster product to you soon.

WALSER Logistik Service GmbH, part of the WALSER Group, joins the VTI – Association of the North-East German Textile and Clothing Industry.

Our WALSER Logistik Service GmbH in Gallin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Germany, will expand and modernise its capacities in the coming years. Another positive step is joining the VTI – Association of the North-East German Textile and Clothing Industry.

Florian Jezek, Chief Financial Officer of WALSER, expresses his enthusiasm: “Joining the VTI is in line with our commitment to growth and modernisation. We look forward to working together for a successful future.”

But what exactly is the VTI? The association represents and promotes the interests of the textile and clothing industry in the new federal states and Berlin. As an employers’ association in the new federal states, the VTI works closely with IG Metall, pools the strengths of various companies and acts as a driving force for stable and dynamic development in the industry.

The VTI’s core topics are: Environmental protection and the energy industry, financing and promotion, collective bargaining and social policy, labour and social law, etc.

WALSER sets standards with its data in TecDoc

WALSER GmbH, renowned for its expertise in automotive equipment, is now a proud TecDoc data supplier.

Find out how this collaboration is helping Walser achieve its aftermarket goals and streamline product data management. Curious?

Click here for the full story:

WALSER takes on even more social responsibility!

We are proud to be a member of the UNICEF Backbone Society Lounge and take our responsibility for children around the world seriously. In many countries, children suffer from hunger crises caused by natural disasters, wars and conflicts. We refuse to look away and have therefore decided to become part of UNICEF Backbone Society Austria. The United Nations Children’s Fund fights in over 190 countries to protect the rights of every child – and against hunger! With our monthly contribution – in favor of UNICEF Austria – we support the funding of nutrition programs to ensure that every child can grow up full and healthy.

We are determined to support children in need and together with UNICEF Backbone Society to ensure that every child has the chance for a better future.

Remarkable sales successes inspire WALSER for further expansion!

We are very pleased that our recent sales successes in the e-commerce, hypermarket, and specialty store distribution channels allow us to invest heavily in the future. Contrary to industry trends, the products developed by WALSER are recording significant sales growth.

WALSER Logistik Service GmbH in Gallin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Germany, which belongs to the WALSER Group, will expand its capacities in the coming years and the site will be modernized.

Here are the details:

  • Consolidation of warehouse locations to 1 central warehouse for more efficiency in operations.
  • Planned expansion of the workforce to up to 30 employees
  • Impressive investments of up to 5 million euros over the next 3 to 5 years
  • Our site will become the central hub for further expansion on the European market
  • Products will also be refined and finished at the Gallin site

These investments will enable us to serve our customers even more efficiently and quickly. We are proud to share this important step in our company’s development with you and look forward to a successful future together!

Ultimate protection also for your classic car – The WALSER All Weather Plus car garage in the test!

“My classic car always had a leak through which water penetrated. The WALSER All Weather Plus Autogarage did an excellent job of protecting my classic car and keeping it dry during a classic car weekend. An absolute must-have for anyone who loves and wants to protect their classic car. Many thanks, WALSER!” Günter Resch, classic car enthusiast

The WALSER All Weather Plus car garage offers perfect protection for your car, especially if you don’t have a garage and have to park it outside in all weather conditions. The high-quality car tarp is made of PVC-coated polycotton fleece, which makes it waterproof and UV-resistant. The ultra-soft interior is gentle on your car’s paint and provides long-term protection from rain, ice, snow and dirt.

The safety of our children is our top priority

Walser donates safety articles for kindergardens and primary schools in Hohenems and Lustenau

Just in time for the start of school in mid-September, the days are getting shorter again and in the morning it is often already dark when the children leave the house. That is why it is important that they are clearly visible to all road users on their way to school! The safety of children in road traffic is a top priority for us, which is why we had the idea of providing the municipalities of Hohenems and Lustenau with a safety package to increase the visibility of children in road traffic.

No sooner said than done! In the last two weeks we have dropped off a total of almost 9000 safety items such as wrist bands, reflective stickers, luminous strips and much more to the respective education officers Nicole Weirather, Hohenems and Gudrun Ilg, Lustenau. The articles were received enthusiastically, and we were warmly welcomed. Thanks to Ms. Weirather and Ms. Ilg for the great cooperation! We are very happy that we can make a contribution to the safety of our children in road traffic for the coming school and kindergarden year

Walser in “Die Wirtschaft”

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Our Hail Protection Covers live on TV!

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Norbert Kalb

Kommandant der Stadtpolizei Dornbirn

The Dornbirn municipal police have been using various Walser products for almost 3 years and are highly satisfied with them. For example, we use the durable custom-fit seat covers for several of our official vehicles, which are in use almost continuously every day. In addition, the teachers in the nursery schools of Dornbirn are equipped with Walser safety vests. These are used regularly and contribute significantly to the safety of the teachers in road traffic. What convinces us most about Walser, apart from the products, is the great customer service!

Günther Armellini

Geschäftsführer AT Automaterial

We have been working successfully withthe companyWalser for over 40 years and have always received the best service! Enquiries are processed very quickly,new products are constantly being developed for the customer and the product presentation at the POS is excellent. We are very satisfied with Walser!